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Together is Better—CTC and Syin-lu are better together with charity sales and second-hand goods donations at the end of the year!

CTC delivers heart-warming messages and takes practical actions to accompany the children's journey to get better!

CTC invited Syin-lu into the factory to sell handmade soaps and handmade egg rolls made by sheltered youth. Thanks to all the employees’ enthusiastic response, the charity sale items sold out quickly.

This event also collected second-hand items from colleagues in advance, sorted them out, and donated them to the sheltered workplace-Syin-lu Workshop (Nanzi Station), so that these items that were originally useless at home can be used to hinder the skills of young people through the Syin-lu Workshop. After being re-organized, they can be sold in Haotiantian second-hand shop in Nanzi, Kaohsiung. It not only implements the environmental protection concept of resource recycling, but also brings a happy working time to the mentally handicapped.





CTC is service provider for high-end power modules (DC to DC Converter and AC to DC Converter) for critical applications worldwide since 1987. We aim to be business generator and a virtual business unit. CTC is your own team with 35 years of experience for a strong business program from market research, product definition & development, supply chain management and total technical services.

CTC is the only corporation certificated with ISO-9001, IATF-16949, ISO22613(IRIS, AFNOR silver certificate), and ESD/ANSI-2020. We can 100% ensure not only the product, but also our workflow and service to match quality management system for every high-end application from the very beginning. From design to manufacturing and technical support, every single detail is operated under highest standard.