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Drive your efficient power control and highly power intensive.
Next generation Eco-cars solution

Industrial standard package

Save power solution of low standby power

High efficiency up to 90%

High isolated voltage

Wide operating ambient temperature from -40℃to 125℃without derating

Design meet ISO 16750-2, ISO 16750-3 and ISO 16750-4

Production process meet TS 16949 factory quality system

Power converter requirements for automotive applications can be complex. Designs may have non-standard restrictions imposed by the nature of the automotive environment and call for a large number of output voltages. Power converters in electric vehicle must be designed for high efficiency, high electromagnetic interference, wide operating temperature range, high power density, compact size and low weight.

CTC provides highly reliable and long-life converters to automotive electronics market which meet automotive application requirements and be with highly reliability. These devices embed a full set of protection functions (overcurrent, overvoltage, over temperature) to increase the MTBF and reduce the number of external components.