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Power Converters in New Energy Application_AGV Portion

This episode is to introduce you to dc/dc converter applications. This time, we focus on the new energy applications of AGV or AMR.



In Industry 4.0 or smart manufacturing, a key topic is factory logistics, which is also a key link in production and manufacturing.

With the improvement of positioning, navigation, positioning accuracy and safety, the AGV application market is growing rapidly.

The scope of AGV market applications has expanded rapidly, such as AMR equipped with robotic arms and automatic navigation functions.

AGV內部對於電源需求的應用特點有以下幾個要求,分別是 寬輸入電壓範圍. 良好的EMI表現. 高隔離電壓. 轉換效率高,以及低輕載功耗.

The key features of dc/dc converter in AGV application as below: Good EMI performance. Wide input voltage range. High isolation voltage. High efficiency and low power consumption.

這是一個AGV應用的方塊圖. 由於輸入電源是電池,因此,具備寬輸入電壓範圍的轉換器較適合這類型的應用. 轉換器供電至後端,再透過PoL轉換器供電給MCU. 或者是夠過隔離轉換器,供電給隔離的偵測器,偵測電池電壓或雷達等等的裝置.

This figure shows a block diagram for AGV application. Since the input power source is a battery, a converter with a wide input voltage range is important for it.

The converter provides isolated power to internal device, and then PoL converter transfer voltage to MCU.

Or it is a device that can pass through an isolation converter, power an isolated detector, detect battery voltage or radar, etc. Using dc/dc converters will bring benefits to the system.

Like minimize layout space, optimize thermal and EMS performance! Thanks for your attention, see you next time.



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