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Three Levels of Charge Stations


There are three levels of charge station,

Level 1 is AC slow charger. It is a portable charger, which is put in the trunk.

Level 2 is AC fast charger. Most of them are wallbox type, and it’s the most popular charger in residential and commercial  use.

Level3 is DC fast charger. Which is the fastest charging, but commercial use only. 

And all these three chargers will use dc/dc converter.


Level 1&2 are both AC chargers, so they will share the same block diagram.

The internal MCU is powered by converter. And turn the relay on when EV need to charge. Detect the charg current and voltage by senser, also show the battery status on the screen.


Level 3 is DC fast charger.

The difference is it converts AC voltage into high DC voltage through PFC and interleave half bridge converter.

It takes only about 20-30 minutes for full charge.

As shown in the block diagram, the MCU sensor, and CAN bus need to be powered by the converter. In addition, the converter needs to power the gate driver circuit for PFC and interleave half bridge converter.


Using dc/dc converters will bring benefits to the system.

Like minimize layout space, optimize thermal and EMS performance!



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