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Congratulations! CTC became the first company in Taiwan to pass the Bell Certificate IRIS Silver quality performance standard!


CTC obtained IRIS certification in 2016, completed the upgrade and transfer to ISO/TS22163 in 2018, and this year (2023) became the first IRIS Silver quality performance standard in Taiwan to pass Bell certification!

This is an affirmation of our long-term pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement of quality, and it is also an important milestone for us to establish our reputation in the international market.

IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) is an international certification standard for the global rail transit industry. It is jointly formulated by the European Railway Industry Association (UNIFE) and the Union of Railway Companies (UIC) to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of the railway industry. Passing the IRIS certification will prove that the company has a certain technical strength and management level, and has the ability to provide products and services that meet industry standards.

Bell Certification (IRIS) is an international quality management system standard, specifically for the railway industry. The standard aims to improve quality and safety in the rail industry and help businesses achieve better efficiency and sustainability.

CTC will continue to work on improving our quality management system to ensure our customers receive the highest level of products and services. "Passing the silver standard of Bell Certification (IRIS) will make us more competitive in the international market, and CTC will continue to comply with the requirements of this standard to provide customers with better products and services.


CTC is service provider for high-end power modules (DC to DC Converter and AC to DC Converter) for critical applications worldwide since 1987. We aim to be business generator and a virtual business unit. CTC is your own team with 35 years of experience for a strong business program from market research, product definition & development, supply chain management and total technical services.

CTC is the only corporation certificated with ISO-9001, IATF-16949, ISO/TS22613 (only company in Taiwan with Silver Performance Level) and ESD/ANSI-2020. We are specialized for critical and higher-end applications, such as Industrial, Railway, E-mobility, Medical etc. Our technical competences are ultra-wide input voltage up to 12:1, wide Operating temperature from -40°C to 110°C, high insulation level up to reinforced and 2MOPP, high isolation level up to 20KV DC/ min, specific EMC solutions with EMI Class A Built in. Besides, CTC began implementing Smart Manufacturing to achieve dynamic deliveries with globalized production sites. 


CTC powering your core !