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CTC passed “Industry Cluster Supply Chain Digital Streaming and AI Application System Planning and Construction” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

CTC passed “Industry Cluster Supply Chain Digital Streaming and AI Application System Planning and Construction” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, will transform and upgrade into a smart factory to respond to market changes quickly and provide real-time services closer to customer needs, and also create sustainable business competitiveness.

CTC has made great efforts on several points: First, the supply chain information systems are connected in series, which can instantly understand the real-time production information, order status, inventory…and so on in the supply chain. Second, intelligentize production equipment and build smart production lines. Through the cloud and the Internet, connect big data, sensors, and lean production management to form a networked manufacturing system. Third, perform in-depth prediction and learning by AI technology, and then find the most suitable application module. Fourth, information security and protection is provided by well-known domestic information security service providers, providing professional information security protection, understand the current situation of CTC information security, planning information security protection structures, and implementing them through education, training, third-party verification, etc. And extend the information protection to the entire supply chain.

After the completion of the smart factory, it can be transformed into a diversified customized mass production service model, accelerate the vertical and horizontal intelligence of the industrial supply chain, and be able to predict market demand, grasp production information in real time, and quickly respond to sudden increases urgent orders or customized demand. It will be not only increase the order fulfillment rate to a level that cannot be achieved by traditional methods, but also promote industrial upgrading.


CTC is a professional service provider for high-end power supply modules (AC to DC Converter and DC to DC Converter) for critical applications worldwide since 30 years. Our core competence is to design and deliver products with leading technologies, competitive pricing, extremely flexible lead-time, global technical service and high-quality manufacturing (Made In Taiwan).

CTC is the only corporation certificated with ISO-9001, IATF-16949, ISO22613(IRIS), and ESD/ANSI-2020. We can 100% ensure not only the product, but also our workflow and service to match quality management system for every high-end application from the very beginning. From design to manufacturing and technical support, every single detail is operated under highest standard.