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CTC is a professional service provider of high-end power modules for critical applications in global market since 1987.Our core competence: leading technology, dynamic supply chain & logistic management, and global technical service.

Atelligent Global Consulting Founder, Chairman & CEO
Dr. Ho-Ming Huang, Ph.D.

Atelligent Global Consulting (AGC) has had an opportunity to work on a strategic planning project with CTC. During the 6-month project period, CTC demonstrated how a learning organization quickly adopt structured approach to identify and prioritize market opportunities. We are most impressed with CTC’s commitment on striving for excellence in customer-defined quality, delivery, and services. It has been an honor for AGC to co-work with CTC in creating superior customer value.

Industrial Technology Research Institute, senior researcher, Dr. Jeff Tsai
Jeff Tsai

I’ve known CTC for more than 15 years since I worked in ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute), we worked together for many research and development projects. For example, we co-worked to develop power module for EV, although there are many difficulties, the team members from CTC keep a positive attitude, persistently carry through to the end and summarize the results systematically. This help the team members never been stuck in the same problem, and therefore the project goes smoothly. It’s a great experience to work with CTC!

ARES International Corp, MES Product Director
Jacky Tseng

CTC constructed an intelligent manufacturing management platform of Industry 4.0 successfully. During counseling process of introducing MES, CTC presented a comprehensive digital transformation of manufacturing management. The virtual factory is constructed from real-time data, digitizing and transparent production management, and quality management to outsourcing partners’ management. It improves the effectiveness of implementation of lean production management. Also, it raises the degree of intelligent production applications. We believe that CTC will provide high quality service by the combination of advanced and innovative research & development and manufacturing capabilities.

Process Group, Co-founder and Managing Partner
Martin Kessler

In the process of rebranding, CTC demonstrated a high level of design thinking, innovation and willing to defy the boundaries, and accelerate the internal & external affiliation efficiently. These reflect the core value of CTC, Focus, Pioneering and Teamwork. As a result, the core of the brand is able to deliver to the customers authentically. It is an honor for Process to go through the “co-creation” branding journey with CTC a great partner we are proud of.

Photic Electronics, chairmen
Winner Yu

CTC participated in the technology seminar and strategic alliance held by Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association proactively, there’s good interaction between CTC and association members. They not only have joint development of competitive technology, but also be open-minded to share valuable experience with association members. CTC stands high in evaluation and strongly recommendable!

Virginia Tech, James S. Tucker Professor
Jason Lai

CTC has been very accommodating our need for different levels of voltage, power, and insulation, especially for new wide bandgap devices. They provided us a custom-made gate drive power supply for GaN devices used in our Google Little Box Challenge inverter, which were successfully tested for a rigorous 100-hour test.