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POE Solutions for Smart Bus Applications


In this video, we will review the smart bus system and select converters to build convenient Power over Ethernet network.

With the public smart bus become more popular, they are no longer just transportation vehicles, they can also be connected to many network devices through Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, such as WiFi router, passenger information displays, cameras, electronic ticketing, and GPS tracking.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) can transmit power and data at the same time through twisted pairs. The original standard provides a maximum power output of 15.4 watt per port. Consider resistance losses in the cable, each powered device (PD) can receive at least 12.95 watt. Now, the latest standard can deliver ultra-high power of up to 90 watt.

As the functions of smart bus continue to expand, PoE Switch supplies power to many low-power standby mode devices. According to the IEEE standards, the power range of common PoE Switch multi-channel output is about 20-150 watt.

CTC offers a variety of isolated power converters to meet different system-level needs, such as wide input voltage range, EMC compliance, high reliability, protection functions, high integration, and wide temperature range.

Our portfolio of isolated power converters helps simplify the design of smart bus and other applications, in addition, ensures superior system performance.



CTC is service provider for high-end power modules (DC to DC Converter and AC to DC Converter) for critical applications worldwide since 1987. We aim to be business generator and a virtual business unit. CTC is your own team with 35 years of experience for a strong business program from market research, product definition & development, supply chain management and total technical services.

CTC is the only corporation certificated with ISO-9001, IATF-16949, ISO22613(IRIS, AFNOR silver certificate), and ESD/ANSI-2020. We can 100% ensure not only the product, but also our workflow and service to match quality management system for every high-end application from the very beginning. From design to manufacturing and technical support, every single detail is operated under highest standard.