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PV Inverter Design Guidelines for Isolated Gate Driver Power

This episode is to introduce dc/dc converter in green energy. This time, we focus on gate driver power of solar application.

許多太陽能電池單元連接在一起形成太陽能電池模塊,再由數個太陽能電池模組, 組合後而形成太陽能陣列。

Many solar cells are connected in series and parallel to form solar module, and several solar modules are combined to be solar array.


IGBT Power converter provides stable voltages to turn on and turn off the IGBT in inverter.


Following we list three key features for selecting gate driver power, which are isolation type, driving voltage and isolation capacitance

(1)第一個是隔離型: 隔離型電源轉換器隔離不允許電流在輸入和輸出之間流動,有助於提供電氣隔離的電源。

(1)First one is isolation type: Isolated converters do not allow current to flow between input and output, helping to provide galvanic isolated power

(2) 第二個是驅動電壓 提供正確的電壓給柵極驅動器,以減少切換開關耗損和雜訊引起的錯誤動作。

(2) The second one is driving voltage Supply gate driver with right voltage, which can reduce switching loss and prevent mis-operation caused by noise.

(3)第三個是隔離電容 隔離電容是指電源轉換器一、二次側之間的寄生電容,從公式推導隔離電容與漏電流成正比, 因此隔離電容越小越能減少溫度升高

(3) The third one is isolation capacitance The isolation capacitor exists between the primary and secondary of the power converter. From the formula, the isolation capacitance is proportional to the leakage current.

Therefore, the smaller the isolation capacitance is, the better temperature stability will be.

選擇合適的 dc/dc 電源轉換器可以為系統帶來好處,例如提高轉換效率和可靠度

Selecting a suitable converter can bring benefits to the system, such as high efficiency and reliability. Thanks for your attention, see you next time.



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