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Welcome members of “Children Are Us” sheltered workshop to visit CTC!

Children Are Us Foundation was founded by a group of parents whose children have Intellectual development disorders. The core goals of the foundation are the care and education of persons with intellectual disabilities. Their sheltered workshops provide job opportunities for these children and take care of disadvantaged families. The workshop receives two international food safety certificates to secure customers and also strengthen product competitiveness. CTC takes quality as the first priority from the very beginning of product design, our factory also certified by ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, ANSI/ESD 20.20 and IRIS. From the visiting, the members from sheltered workshop can understand the operating model in different industry, this can also help them to warm-up before they enter the workforce.

CTC is a professional service provider for high-end power supply modules (AC to DC Converter and DC to DC Converter) for critical applications worldwide since 30 years. Our core competence is to design and deliver products with leading technologies, competitive pricing, extremely flexible lead-time, global technical service and high-quality manufacturing (Made In Taiwan).

CTC is the only corporation certificated with ISO-9001, TS-16949, IRIS, and ESD/ANSI-2020. We can 100% ensure not only the product, but also our workflow and service to match quality management system for every high-end application from the very beginning. From design to manufacturing and technical support, every single detail is operated under highest standard.